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At 4:59 Solutions, we believe that education is key to your success. Whether your goal is to land a dream job, get promoted or enhance your skills for your current job, 4:59 Solutions has the IT Certification track for you. Whatever your reason is for seeking a certification, our IT training solutions are designed with YOU, the student in mind.

We also understand that your life commitments might prevent you from a traditional classroom instruction. Our classroom instruction is held throughout the United States and coming to a location near you. In addition to the classroom instruction, you can elect to take a virtual class from anywhere in the world with broadband internet access or a self-paced class where you make the classes fit into your schedule. If you want to certify a group of individuals, we can even come to your office location to conduct the training.

While we are flexible on the method of instruction based on your needs, we have one goal in mind…YOUR SUCCESS! Our classes will take you through all of the material needed to pass the certification examination. Our trained instructors hold the highest certifications in the field and will be a valuable resource during the course.

We are so confident that you will succeed when you take either the Cisco or Microsoft Boot Camps, that we will pay for your first test and a retest if needed. If you still do not pass, we offer the course again to you free of charge (Cisco Boot Camp Only).

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